Perma-Cell™ Rigid Box Filters

CI Perma-Cell™ Rigid Box Filters are high-efficiency air filters designed to handle virtually any HVAC application, including high-moisture or variable air-volume systems. Each filter utilizes a technologically advanced media that incorporates a dual-layer, gradient-density fiber structure that results in exceptionally low airflow resistance, at the highest efficiency levels – reducing both energy and operating costs. MERV 13 & MERV 15 styles available.

These high-performance filters will improve indoor air quality and remove contaminants from HVAC environments. The CI Perma-Cell™ Rigid Box Filter is engineered to protect both expensive HVAC equipment and workers from dirty air and its damaging effects. The user-friendly filter is also durable and easy to install.

CI Perma-Cell™ Rigid Box Filter has a uniquely engineered media that is bonded to an expanded metal backing. The media is then formed into a pleat pack that is supported with contoured plastic pleat separators. The pleat pack is then sealed on all four sides to a non-corrosive metal or plastic frame. A cross strap support system is then applied, adding to the filter’s integrity and durability. Each stage of our assembly process is quality controlled to ensure the performance, consistency and durability of each filter. These design and construction features combine to produce the best all-around performance in airflow, efficiency and dust-loading uniformity.

Looking for LEED certification? The CI Perma-Cell™ Rigid Box Filters are the perfect solution if you want to specify or upgrade your current filtration to meet LEED certification requirements. With these high-performance filters, your facility can gain points toward LEED certification – without incurring large operating cost increases. The CI Perma-Cell™ Rigid Box Filter meets efficiency standards outlined in the LEED program for new construction and existing buildings.

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