Odor Filtration

Today, people demand more than just clean air; they also want to control the odors around them. For over two decades, Columbus Industries has been developing and perfecting gas phase filtration technology. Columbus Industries offers both granulated and chemically impregnated carbon as well as zeolite to create a comfortable environment. Columbus Industries remains on the cutting edge by manufacturing a wide range of gas phase filtration materials for highly effective odor, smoke and hydrocarbon filtration. Our products and design team will offer innovative options when looking to purify your surroundings. Our products include:

Poly-Sorb® Activated Carbon
Columbus Industries provides a proprietary filtering media called POLY-SORB®. POLY-SORB® uses a polyester substrate that is coated with the high quality activated carbon using our proprietary process. Filters made from this material are very effective in light duty applications.

In the 1980s, Columbus Industries entered the aquarium and litter box filtration market. Through its continuing research, the company developed an effective way to apply granulated zeolite to various filter configurations. Zeolite is a highly effective natural mineral that adsorbs ammonia and other low molecular weight gases often associated with pets.

Granulated-Carbon Odor Control
Columbus Industries also has the ability to encapsulate granular or pelletized activated carbon into packs or beds for the ultimate odor-removing filtration system. We have perfected the process of incorporating high quality activated carbon, either in granular or pellets form using either chemically treated or untreated form, into the filtering bed.


  • Air Purifiers
  • Pet/Aquarium Filters
  • Evaporative Humidifier Market
  • Odor/VOC Control
  • Water Filtration
  • Range Hood/OTR Market
  • HVAC Filtration

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