Booth Paper & Accessories

Booth Paper / Floor Lining

BOOTHguard®, produced from high grade, fire resistant kraft, is an ideal surface lining material for spray booths, welding areas and any area which requires continuous cleaning or houses a potentially flammable operation. The flame-resistant brown paper has a fine burnished finish and thickness that gives it the durability needed to withstand the rugged working environment and accommodates all paint spray applications from acrylics to waterbornes. BOOTHguard® is easily cut and trimmed to fit any desired floor or wall surface. It meets NFPA Standard #33 and fulfills OSHA Safety and Health Standard 1910.107. Available in widths of 36”, 42”, 60” and 72”.

Briteguard® is ideal for protecting surfaces from the accumulation of various hazardous residues. The bright white color adds reflectivity and is constructed of tough and durable kraft. It accommodates all paint spray applications from acrylic to waterborne and is easily cut and trimmed to fit desired floor and wall surfaces. Briteguard® fulfills OSHA Standard 1910.107 and NFPA Standard #33. Available in widths of 36”, 42”, 60” and 72”. A heavy duty version of ® is also available.

Cleanguard™ High Strength
Cleanguard™ High Strength is exceptionally durable, providing prolonged service life to reduce change-outs. The white, textured, water resistant and 100% lint free floorcovering traps and holds dust and dirt for a cleaner, brighter work area and fewer finishing rejects. It satisfies NFPA-33 section with respect to conductivity (maximum breakdown voltage of less than 4 kV). Available in widths of 36” and 60”.


Holding Frames
L-frames to hold paint collectors, ring panels and various others filters. Meets NFPA 33 as to gauge and specification. Slotted hole pattern allows for retrofitting some systems.

Snap-in Accessories
Snap-in and pleated filter conversion grids, single wire rods, rubber tips and snapper bars are available.

Roll Conversion Accessories
Strips, pins, bolts and self-locking nuts or complete strip sets are available.

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