Activated Carbon

Clean air is not only limited to dust particles and allergens. The removal of gases and odors must also be considered when discussing Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Odors and gaseous pollutants create an unpleasant environment and can seriously affect health and productivity. Activated carbon serves as an adsorbent of those odors and gasses, removing them from air while creating ‘fresher’ surroundings. CI’s POLY-SORB® activated carbon filters are one of the most effective means for positive air purification. Each filter’s porous microscopic channels act as a purifying, adsorptive net to snare odors and impurities, and entrap them on the activated carbon’s vast surface network. It’s the perfect choice for air filtration systems used in overspray paint applications and other circulating apparatuses for nuisance odors.

CI’s POLY-SORB® products use activated carbon combined with non-woven polyester or open-cell foam base to provide odor and particulate trapping arrestance. Just as important, this combination provides minimal resistance to airflow at various impregnation densities and filter thicknesses. Available in roll and panel forms! With POLY-SORB® tremendous adsorptive capacity, one cubic foot of Columbus Industries’ activated carbon provides approximately 200 million square feet of adsorptive surface area. POLY-SORB® carbon products maintain the perfect balance of odor/particulate trapping efficiency and excellent airflow properties.

POLY-SORB®’s efficiency and versatility make it the perfect solution for a wide range of air and other filtration applications. Here are just some of the potential and actual applications for the various POLY-SORB® products:

Residential Pet Care Products
Range hood filters Aquarium filters
Room air cleaner filters Enclosed pet box filters
Vacuum cleaner filters
Central air conditioner filters Other Uses
Furnace filters Vehicle air filtration systems
Electric air cleaner filters Chemical warfare suits
Commercial* Paint fume filtration reduction systems
Commercial HVAC filters Refrigerator/freezer filtration systems
Laser printers/copier filters Hospital air purification systems
Commercial air filters Loading dock fumes
Electrical equipment filters for ozone removal Roofing fumes
*Includes but is not limited to airports, convention centers, lounges, restaurants, geriatric health care facilities, banks, hospitals, print shops, bowling alleys and gymnasiums

Carbon impregnated, nonwoven polyester is offered in a variety of thicknesses and carbon levels. This combination of activated carbon and base filtering media affords odor and particulate trapping arrestance and minimal airflow resistance.

POLY-SORB® Activated Carbon Panel Filter & Link – MERV 8
Heavy duty industrial and commercial activated carbon filter with an internal wire grid for support. A porous, tackified, white, synthetic media upstream for depth loading of airborne particles and a highly adsorptive carbon laden polyester layer on the downstream side to remove nuisance odors and VOC's/gases from the airstream. Increases comfort in the workplace where nuisance odor/gas contamination is a problem.

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