Mini Pleat Filters

Columbus Industries designs and manufactures high efficiency mini pleat filters that clean everything from a single room to an entire house and even commercial-sized areas. Columbus Industries continues to advance its pleating technology to include the most effective mini pleat filters made from the highest quality glass microfiber and charged fiber synthetic materials. Mini pleat filters can be custom engineered to meet efficiency levels from ASHRAE up to ULPA grade.

Columbus Industries’ revolutionary synthetic HAPA™ media (High Airflow Particulate Air filter) provides appliance manufacturers with the advantages and benefits necessary to meet all their customers’ needs:

  • HAPA™ media offers three to four times lower resistance to airflow than traditional HEPA media at the same efficiency levels
  • HAPA™ is perfect for room air cleaners, vacuum cleaners, furnace filters and more.
  • HAPA™ media is more durable than glass microfiber and unlike glass media, is incinerable.

HAPA Z-CLEAN™ combines all of the advantages of the HAPA™ media with the benefit of a special dirt release construction that allows the filtering media to be easily cleaned and reused.

With Columbus Industries’ high tech pleating capabilities, a tremendous amount of efficient filtering media can be precisely packed into a small, lightweight filter.


  • Air Purifiers
  • Residential HVAC Filters
  • Commercial/Industrial HVAC Filters
  • Vacuum Cleaners

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